In order to prevent deterioration of service quality due to unauthorized use, mixhost has the following restrictions on sending emails.

Each plan has different limits on the number of emails you can send.

  • The number of emails sent is limited by a threshold depending on the plan.
  • If you receive a spam email, it may be blocked.
  • Sending restrictions include email forwarding, sending emails using PHP scripts, etc.

Please refer to the function list on Policy on Fair Use of Resources for the limit on the number of emails sent for each plan.

Supplementary count of sent emails

If you send a single email to multiple recipients, only the number of recipients is counted as the number of emails sent.

*Example: If you send an email with 1 address in TO and 2 addresses in CC, it will be counted as 3 emails sent.

About Blocking Email Sending

Please refer to the following article for details.
About MailChannels


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