This support policy is the basic idea of support for mixhost.
When contacting the support desk, please be sure to read and understand this support policy before contacting us.

About language and translation

This Agreement is made in Japanese and translated into English. The Japanese text is the original and the English text is for reference purposes. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.

About Support

  • Our support desk is for you to get information about the service and help you solve problems while using mixhost.
  • We will try to solve the problem promptly based on the information provided by the customer, but we do not guarantee that all problems will be solved.
  • Support is for customers who are currently under contract and customers who are considering a contract.
  • FAQs are listed in the help center, so please refer to them before contacting us.

Support range

The scope of support includes questions that fall under the following items and isolation of problems.

  • Inquiries about new contracts.

  • Questions about server specifications and features.

  • Questions about fees and payment methods.
  • Recommend the most suitable plan.
  • Questions about how to transfer from another company.
  • Inquiries after the contract (about the use of the service).

  • Questions about logging in to My Page, cPanel, Webmail.
  • Questions about how to operate My Page, cPanel, and Webmail.
  • Questions about general service specifications and basic usage.
  • Questions about how to set up your email client software.
  • Questions about how to set up FTP client software.
  • Questions about how Softaculous auto installs applications.
  • Request to increase email sending limit.
  • Validation of service defects
  • Questions about the basic operation of WordPress
    • *The scope of Support is that there is no need to analyze the WordPress source code.
  • Inquiries after contract (various procedures).

  • Contract renewal consultation.
  • Application for change of payment method and contract period.
  • Procedures for changing contract name, address, etc.

Not supported

Below is an example of what we cannot do.

  • General.

  • After-hours support.
    • Support hours are from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays in Japan Standard Time.
    • Holidays are Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese national holidays.
    • Summer and winter holidays are specified separately by our company.
    • We have announced the holiday period on mixhostNEWS.
  • A service provided at a customer's.
  • Visit our company and request a response.
  • Requesting assistance by telephone.
  • Requesting correspondence in a language other than Japanese or English.
  • Requires us to bear excessive costs.
  • Technical support.

  • Questions about how to use the program (CGI, PHP, Perl, etc) prepared by the customer and how to install it.
  • Questions about how to use SSH and questions about how to use Linux commands.
  • Questions about scripting languages such as HTML, PHP, and Perl.
  • Questions about how to write .htaccess.
  • Requesting about the effect on the operation of the program by upgrading the server, and about the correspondence to the problem.
  • Questions about the registration status and status of domains acquired by other companies.
  • Questions about how to change the nameservers of a domain acquired by another company.
  • Questions for details about when content has been tampered with.
  • Requests to respond to content that requires excessively specialized knowledge beyond what is provided in the Help Center.
  • Content caused by the customer's usage environment.

  • Requests for handling problems caused by communication lines, terminals, and software in the customer's usage environment.
  • How to use software other than the software described in the help center.


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