About usage of "Addon Domains"

Please obtain the domain in advance.

STEP 1: Log in cPanel.

Log in cPanel.

STEP 2: Open "Addon Domains".

Click "Addon Domains".


STEP 3: Create an addon domain.

Enter the new addon domain’s name in the New Domain Name text box. When you enter the domain name, cPanel automatically populates the Subdomain and Document Root text boxes.


STEP 4: Save settings.

Press the "Add Domain" button.
When the setting completion screen is displayed, adding your own domain is complete.
If you have already added many addon domains, it may take more than 2 minutes until the completion screen is displayed, but please wait without pressing the button repeatedly.


STEP 5: Change the nameserver to the one specified by mixhost.

After adding the domain, be sure to change the nameservers of the domain to those specified by mixhost. Click here for how to check your nameservers.

Please check here for how to set the nameserver of the domain obtained with mixhost.
For information on how to change nameservers by domain management company, please check here.

If an error is displayed, please also refer to the following article.

What to do when an error occurs when adding a domain.


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