webserver type LiteSpeed Enterprise 6.x.x
*A fast web server that is fully compatible with Apache.
document root public_html
*The document root is the directory where the data you want to publish on the website is installed.
You can freely set the document root corresponding to the addon domain from cPanel.
index file index.html, index.php, index.php5 , index.htm
*Normally, websites are accessed with an address that includes the file name, such as http://example.com/index.html, but the index file has a file name such as http://example.com/. can be accessed by omitting the.
LSCache Available.
*LSCache is a cache function that can be used with LiteSpeed.
LSCache-enabled applications WordPress, MediaWiki, Joomla, etc.
mod_rewrite Available.
mod_security Available.
*This is a function to improve the security of web applications. is enabled in the, but if you don't want it, go to Control Panel You can disable it from (cPanel).
.htaccess Available.


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