About language and translation

This Agreement is made in Japanese and translated into English. The Japanese text is the original and the English text is for reference purposes. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.


When using the service, the following acts are prohibited in addition to the [prohibited items stipulated in Article 16 of the Basic Terms of Service].

Please review these rules to better understand what is prohibited on the Service.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • The act of sending a large number of e-mails.
  • You must not use the Service if your usage is likely to be registered on the DNSBL (DNS-based Blackhole List), blacklist operators, etc.
    • Example (1): Sending an email that the recipient is likely to judge as spam.
    • Example (2): When no countermeasures are taken for a long time on a virus-infected website.
  • Advertise, or ask others to advertise, the website or content, etc., operated by the User on the Service, using techniques that are generally regarded as nuisance such as spam emails, spam postings, spam trackbacks, etc. action.
  • The operation of websites and content and program operations are similar to those exemplified below.
    • Websites or content published for the purpose of illegally obtaining the personal information of a third party.
    • Sites and contents that are advertised by spam mail, comment spam, etc.
    • Sites or contents where a contract is concluded or a user is registered even though the user has no intention to conclude a contract or register.
    • Sites and contents in the form of receiving damage reports on the Metropolitan Police Department website, National Consumer Affairs Center website, etc.
    • Sites and contents called “suicide sites”.
    • Operation of programs, etc. that hinder the use of services by other users by monopolizing CPU resources for long periods of time, etc.
  • Acts that impede service quality assurance and service provision by placing an excessive load on equipment such as servers and networks.
    • DoS attacks.
    • Open proxy (public proxy).
    • Other acts are similar to the above.
  • Contents for the purpose of establishing, soliciting, and conducting multilevel marketing transactions for infinite chain schemes.

About Spam/Bulk email

We consider all e-mails that the recipient has not consented to receive to be spam and prohibit their transmission and promotional activities.

  • Example (1): Mail magazine for which the recipient has not voluntarily registered.
  • Example (2): E-mail sent without the consent of the recipient for commercial purposes.
  • Example (3): E-mail magazines sent by purchasing an e-mail address list from a list vendor, etc.

In addition, when the system detects the transmission of spam, it may limit the transmission of emails that are automatically determined to be spam.

Our response policy

In the event that a contractor engages in prohibited acts on the services provided by the Company, the following measures shall be taken as necessary.

  1. Requests to stop acts that fall under the prohibited items stipulated in Article 16 of the Basic Terms of Service.
  2. Request to delete all or part of the data stored on this service.
  3. Limit the use of some functions of this service.
  4. Temporarily suspend the provision of this service.
  5. cancel the contract.

In addition, the above measures may not necessarily be taken step by step depending on the characteristics of the service and the case.
In addition, in taking these measures, we may take measures without prior notice at our discretion, after considering the urgency and details of the case.


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