How to disable PHP cache (OPcache/APCu)


In mixhost, PHP cache (OPcache / APCu) is enabled by default to improve PHP performance.
However, in some cases, it may take some time to reflect the changes in the PHP source, which may interfere with the operation.

We will show you how to invalidate the PHP cache (OPcache / APCu).

Disable PHP cache (OPcache/APCu)

Customers using jp17 or later servers

OPcache is enabled by default.
OPcache can be disabled by writing the following in the .htaccess file.

php_flag opcache.enable Off

Please note that the exact description method of .htaccess is not supported. For more information, please refer to Using .htaccess.

*APCu is disabled by default. Please note that it cannot be activated.

Customers using jp16 or earlier servers

OPcache/APCu is enabled by default.
You can disable it by following the steps below.

STEP 1: Login to cPanel.

Log in to cPanel.

STEP 2: Software > Click Select PHP Version.


STEP 3: Uncheck the right side of apcu and opcache.

Finally, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.


This completes the invalidation of the PHP cache (OPcache/APCu).

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