List of server-related specifications

OS CloudLinux
CPU Allocated for each contract plan (host server is Xeon 24 cores 48 threads)
Memory Allocated for each contract plan (256GB for the host server)
Storage Pure SSD
Speed 10Gbps connection to Japan's largest backbone
back up

In addition to data protection by RAID10, we back up data to an external server once a day.

of the server
Installation location
The major data center in Tokyo region

It is possible to bring your own free SSL using Sectigo (former name: COMODO) as a certificate authority, bring your own certificate, and use a self-signed certificate.
* SNI (name-based)

Cron Available
SSH Available
Telnet Not available. Please use SSH.


*Depending on the contract period, the configuration of the server you are using may differ from the description.

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