Setting method when using an external name server (DNS server)

Although it is possible to use some functions, the use of an external name server (DNS server) is not covered by the operation guarantee.

Please refer to our support policy for details on what is supported.


This setting is for advanced users.
If you're not sure, set your domain to mixhost's nameservers as usual.

The IP address of the server may change due to operational reasons, so please refrain from setting it as an A record as much as possible.
We recommend using CNAME records, NS records, etc.

Before starting the setup, please check the IP address of the server you are using.

How to check the IP address of the server

If you use Cloudflare

Since Cloudflare's DNS has a CNAME flattening function, it is possible to set a CNAME even for a naked domain that does not have a host part such as "www".

By setting the mixhost initial domain or the domain with mixhost nameservers in the CNAME record for the Cloudflare naked domain, you do not need to update the settings even if the IP address changes.

Even if there is a server migration, the new server will be automatically referenced, so if you are using Cloudflare, we recommend setting a CNAME record instead of an IP address.

  • CNAME (initial subdomain of mixhost)

For details on the CNAME flattening function, please refer to the following page.

CNAME flattening Cloudflare DNS docs (external site)

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