How to migrate from another company's server to a mixhost server

Here are the steps to migrate from another server to mixhost.
By following the procedure and migrating while continuing the contract of the other server, you can migrate without stopping the website from operating on your own domain.
By following the correct steps, you should not experience any website outages or periods of email inactivity.


  • Server migration involves migrating website data and setting up your own domain.
  • Please check in advance how to change the nameserver with the service that has acquired its own domain.
  • Please download the website data to be migrated to the working PC in advance.
  • If you have not yet applied for mixhost, please apply first.
  • Please do not cancel the contract of other servers until the migration is completed.
  • Do not change the nameservers of your own domain before migration.

Setting up your own domain

Please refer to the article below for how to set up your own domain.
How to add a new domain.

Upload files

After setting up your own domain, upload your website files.

STEP 1: FTP connection.

Use FTP client software to connect to the FTP server.

STEP 2: Upload data.

Upload your website data to the document root.

STEP 3: Website confirmation

Once all files have been uploaded, you are done. View the website and check if it is displayed normally.

Create email account

Please refer to the article below for how to create email accounts.
How to create an email account.

Setting email client software

If you are using an email client software, set the newly created email address.
Please do not overwrite the existing settings and make sure that you can receive mail from both mixhost and other servers until the migration is completed.
Please refer to the article below for how to set up your email client software and how to use webmail.

Change nameserver settings

Change the DNS (name server) settings for the added domain.
Please refer to the following article on how to check the nameservers.
Settings can be made on the site of the service that acquired the domain.

How to find your name server

After changing the settings, it will automatically refer to mixhost in a few hours to 72 hours.
During this period, please make a contract that overlaps the contract period of other servers and mixhost.

The migration is now complete.


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