How to apply for a change of initial domain

Change initial domain

If you wish to change the initial domain, please contact support with the following information.

I would like to change the initial domain.
Current initial domain: (Example:
Preferred domain after a change: (Example:
Do you agree to initialize the server account? : (Yes/No)

*For the desired domain after a change, please enter the domain you prepared in advance.

* If you agree to initialize the server account, we will be able to respond more quickly.

*If you want to change the initial domain to a subdomain format (example: 〇〇〇 → △△△, please fill in the 3rd preferred domain.

*If the initial domain is changed from a permanent free domain to another domain, the permanent free domain will be renewed for a fee from the next renewal.

Also, when you change the initial domain, if the initial domain was set in FTP software, mailer, etc., it is necessary to change the settings.
Please note that the old initial domain cannot be used after the change.

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