Blocking access from outside Japan?

Our servers do not block access from specific countries.
However, if an attack or the like is detected, it will be blocked individually for each IP address.

If you think you can't access it due to false detection, please contact support.

If cPanel cannot be accessed or is unstable

Could you please try the following?

Disable proxy

If you use a proxy to connect to cPanel, it will not work properly and access will become unstable, the display will collapse, you will not be able to log in, and you will be logged out automatically even if you log in. may occur.

A proxy may be set in a company or school network, hotel or public free wifi, etc.
For information on how to disable the proxy, could you please check with the person in charge of the network at the facility where you are connected to the Internet?

Change the DNS of the device in use

Setting a public DNS such as "" or "" on the device you are using (computer or smartphone) may stabilize the connection. Could you please try changing the DNS settings?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check with the support center of the device you are using about how to change the DNS settings of the device you are using.

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