Regarding the use of subdomains used by other companies' servers on mixhost

Subdomains provided by other companies' servers cannot be used with mixhost.

In addition, applying for a subdomain of the domain that the customer himself/herself has acquired as the initial domain or adding it from the add-on domain is not supported.

It is possible to use only the subdomain,, without using the domain on mixhost. But there is a high possibility that various problems will occur in sending and receiving emails, etc., and it is not recommended.

You can use it if you add a subdomain to the same server as the domain in operation on mixhost.
For information on how to set up a subdomain, please see here.

Correspondence table

Domain operational server
Subdomain operational server
Correspondence situation
Other company's server mixhost server Impossible/not recommended
mixhost server Other company's server Possible if the other company's server-side supports
mixhost server Server under the not same contract not recommended
mixhost server Server under the same contract Possible


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