Troubleshooting when files cannot be uploaded even though there is enough disk space

Check directory (folder) permissions

If the permission of the upload destination folder is set to "0444", an error will occur because writing is not possible.

For how to check and change permissions, please refer to the following article.

Setting permissions

Confirmation of false positives by security function

Due to the function of "Imunify360" that we have adopted as a malware countermeasure, in rare cases, the uploaded file may be deleted due to false detection, and the upload may fail.

Please refer to the following article for how to check the operation history of Imunify360.

How to check malware scan results with Imunify360

If a file is deleted due to a false positive, please contact support.

If you are using a plan that you applied for after April 4, 2023

There is a limit to the number of inodes that can be used for each plan. Please use it so that it is less than the limit.

Plan Standar Premium Business
inode limit 50,000 400,000 600,000

For the current number of files, see How to check the number of files.

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