What to do if your IP address is blocked (BitNinja)


If "Sorry, Your request has been blocked" is displayed,
Our security software (BitNinja) is blocking your IP address.

Blocks can be manually unblocked.

Unblocked procedure

STEP 1: Click "Continue browsing on ......" displayed on the page.


STEP 2: The ReCaptcha screen will be displayed. Check "I'm not a robot" and follow the instructions on the screen.


If your server is an Imunify360 installation server, please see here.

If the restriction is not lifted even after checking the above, please contact support with your global IP and the following information.
mixhost contact form

  • Your initial domain
  • Contractor name
  • Your global IP

How to check global IP

If you do not know your global IP, you can check it by using the following sites.
(The link destination is an external site.)

CMAN - IP Address Confirmation

Access the site and the IP displayed in the red frame below will be your global IP.


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