Please use SSH client software to connect to the server.

Initial login information is included in the email.

As a reference example, this article introduces how to connect using SSH using PuTTY.

SSH connection method using PuTTY

STEP 1: Install client software.

Download and install PuTTY.

STEP 2: Set IP.

Start PuTTY and enter the IP address described in the email in the Host Name (or IP address) field. Then click Open to connect.


STEP 3: Close the security alert.

A security alert will be displayed when connecting for the first time, but there is no problem, so click Yes.


STEP 4: Enter your username.

When prompted to log in enter your username from the email and press Enter.


STEP 5: Enter your password.

When the root@IP address's password: is displayed, enter the initial password described in the e-mail and press Enter. ).


STEP 6: Complete login.

When you have successfully logged in, the following screen will appear (the display may differ slightly depending on the selected OS).


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