How to get EPP Code(Auth Code)


EPP Code (Auth Code) is like a password issued for the purpose of preventing unauthorized domain transfers. When transferring a domain to another company, it is necessary to obtain an EPP Code (Auth Code).

 Here, we will explain how to obtain an EPP Code (Auth Code), which is used when transferring a domain from mixhost to another company.

*Since there is no Auth Code for JP domains, the following procedures are not necessary.

How to

STEP 1: Open My Domain.

From mixhost My Page, click "Domain" → "My Domain".


STEP 2: Open the setting screen of the target domain.

Click the wrench mark of the domain you want to get the EPP Code (Auth Code).


STEP 3: Click "Get EPP Code (Auth Code)".


STEP 4: Confirm EPP Code.

The EPP Code (Auth Code) is displayed in the area surrounded by a red frame.




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