What to do if you get a 508 error

A possible cause is that the number of entry processes has reached the upper limit.

For information on how to check the number of entry processes, please refer to How to check the load Status.

If the number of entry processes has reached the upper limit, it is possible that the process did not terminate normally or that it was infected with malware.

Please take the following measures and check if the symptoms are improved.

  • Confirmation that the process has terminated normally

Log in to the server using a terminal emulator, etc.

It is possible to check the currently running processes with the ps -x command.

Make sure that processes such as PHP, CGI, Cron, and SSH have terminated normally.


  • Virus scan

Please scan for viruses from Details > Virus Scanner.


If a virus is detected, remove it.

*Please note that the content may not be displayed due to the removal.

  • Check the contents of imunify360

Check the contents of Imunify360 from Security > Imunify360.


If a file infected with malware etc. is detected, it will be displayed as follows.

Please check if there are any problems with the contents of the file.


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