Domain transfer (From mixhost to other companies)

Before applying for the domain transfer

When applying for domain transfer, there are application conditions. Please check whether the domain transfer is possible or not before applying for the domain transfer.

● The registration deadline is approaching or the registration deadline has passed
If the deadline is approaching, we cannot accept the transfer.

Please complete the domain renewal procedure before applying.

*At the time of the transfer application, you can apply for the transfer if the number of days below is exceeded.

  • jp domain: Remaining registration deadline is 31 days or more
  • Other than the jp domain: 15 days or more remaining registration period

● There is something in the process

If you are in the process of applying to change whois information, please complete the procedure after it is completed.

- 60 days have not passed since the domain registration and previous transfer application

Please apply for the domain transfer after 60 days have passed since you acquired the domain.
If the previous transfer request has not passed 60 days, please apply for the domain transfer after 60 days have passed.

How to domain transfer

Apply for domain transfer to the domain management company of the transfer destination.
At that time, on the domain management screen (My Domain) of our My Page,
You need to take the following actions.

STEP 1: Disable Registrar Lock.

Disable "Registrar Lock".

If you have already started the procedure at the transfer destination, disabling the registrar lock may fail, so cancel all procedures (reject approval) and try disabling the registrar lock again. Please give me.

STEP 2: Acquisition of EPP Code (Auth Code).

(* JP domain does not need to be acquired.)

Get the EPP Code (Auth Code).

STEP 3: Disable the whois information disclosure proxy.

Disable "Whois Information Disclosure Agency".

STEP 4: Carry out procedures at the transfer destination.

The procedure differs depending on the domain management organization (company) to which you are transferring, so please follow the instructions of the transfer destination for details.

In most cases, a transfer confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the whois information, so open the URL described in the e-mail to complete the transfer procedure.

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