How to set whois information disclosure proxy

You can apply for the Whois information disclosure agency from mixhost My Page.

STEP 1: Log in to mixhost My Page.

Log in to My Page.

STEP 2: Open My Domain.

Select Domains > My Domains.


STEP 3: Domain selection.

Click the wrench mark for the domain you want to set up the whois information proxy.


STEP 4: Click "Add-ons" in "Management".


STEP 5: Click to purchase.

Click "Purchase 0 yen" in the Whois information disclosure agency.


STEP 6: Domain confirmation.

Confirm that the domain matches and click "Purchase 0 yen".

This completes the operation.

How to disable whois information disclosure proxy

If you want to disable the whois information disclosure proxy when transferring to another company, etc., please do the same work up to STEP 4 and click the "Disable" button.



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