How to set nameservers for domains obtained with mixhost


Nameservers can be set from My Page.

I will show you how to change the nameservers from the default values.

*If you change the nameserver, it will take about 24 hours for the change to be reflected. Also, the reflection time depends on the TLD value.

STEP 1: Open My Domain.

Click My Domain from Domains on My Page.


STEP 2: Open the settings of the target domain.

Click the wrench mark to the right of the domain whose nameservers you want to change.


STEP 3: Open name server settings.

Click Nameservers on the left menu.


STEP 4: Change name server settings.

Check Use custom nameservers (enter below) and enter your nameservers.

*Please enter at least two nameservers.

STEP 5: Save settings.

Click the Change Nameservers button and you are all set.




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