How to use WordPress Import Software tools

By using the "Import Software" [easy migration tool], it is possible to move sites such as WordPress operated on other servers to mixhost.

In this article, we will explain how to use the “Import Software”.

*Please note that users of some servers (jp2-16) cannot use the Import Software.


Please note that data that is not subject to transfer may not be copied even if you use the Import Software.

Data to be transferred

  • Data is located in the WordPress installation directory
  • Data in the database used by WordPress

Data not subject to transfer

  • Data and plugin settings installed outside the WordPress installation directory (*)
  • If you have changed the main structure of WordPress (*)

*This may apply if you are using security or cache-related plug-ins.

Advance setting and checkpoint

Setting up your own domain

Set up your domain. If you want to transfer without changing the URL, please set the domain currently in use on another server. If you use a new domain on mixhost, please set a new domain. If you have already set up your own domain for the transfer destination, skip this chapter.

See below for information on adding domains.

How to add a new domain.

Use Import Software

STEP 1: Log in to cPanel.

Log in to cPanel.

STEP 2: Addon domain setting.

Set the original domain you want to use in WordPress as an addon domain.
*If you use the default domain, you do not need to set the addon domain.

STEP 3: Display the WordPress management screen.

Click WordPress from SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER at the bottom of the control panel.


STEP 4: Execute Import Software.

The introduction screen of WordPress will be displayed, so click "Import Software".


STEP 5: Enter the required information.

The input screen for the necessary information will be displayed, so enter ① to ⑪ and click Start migration.


Transfer source setting

① Domain name: Enter the domain name of the source site.

② Hostname: If the domain name and hostname are different, enter the hostname of the source server.

*If you select "FTP" in ③, enter the hostname of the source FTP server.

③ Protocol: Select the protocol to use for data transfer.

* From ④ onwards, it is the contents when using the "FTP" protocol.

④ Port: Enter the port to connect to.

*For FTP, port: 21 is fine.

⑤ FTP user name: Enter the FTP user name of the transfer source server.

⑥ FTP password: Enter the password for the FTP account you entered in ⑤.

⑦ Document root: Specify the path from the directory connected with the FTP user name specified in ⑤ to the document root (public directory). Example: /public_html

*If the connection destination directory of the FTP account used in ⑤ and the document root are the same, leave this field blank.

⑧ Directory: Please specify the path of the directory where the site to be transferred is installed from the directory specified in ⑦.

*If the site is installed directly under the document root, leave this blank.

Destination setting

⑨ Protocol selection: Select the protocol to be used at the transfer destination.

*For SSL-encrypted sites, please select "https://".

⑩ Domain selection: Specify the destination domain.

*The destination domain must be added from the add-on domain in advance.

⑪ Directory: Specify the destination directory.

*If you want to move the site directly under the domain specified in ⑩, leave it "blank".

STEP 6: Start transfer.

When successfully connected to the source server, the following screen will be displayed and the data copy will start.


* Processing will continue even if the page is closed. If the Softaclous e-mail notification setting is enabled, an e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address when the data copy is completed.

*If the amount of data on the site is large, the progress bar may not progress from "95%" on the display, but processing is continuing.

STEP 7: Completion of relocation work.

If the following screen is displayed, the data copy has been successfully completed.


*If an error is displayed with the Import Software, please check the Troubleshooting of the Import Software.

*If WordPress cannot be transferred normally even after checking the troubleshooting of the Import Software, please consider using a paid WordPress transfer agency service.

Confirmation of site operation after relocation

By editing the "hosts" file on your computer, you can check the operation of the site after the transfer before switching the nameserver.

If you do not need to check the operation, proceed to the next chapter "Change Nameservers".

STEP 1: Operation check.

If you want to check the operation, please refer to the setting method of the hosts file and set it.

STEP 2: Edit the hosts file.

After confirming the operation of the site, please delete the description of the hosts file set by the customer.

Change nameservers

Please change the nameservers on the website of the domain management company you are currently using and wait for a few hours to 72 hours. Click here for how to check your nameservers.
Nameserver settings are usually reflected in a few minutes to a few hours.

If you want to check whether you are accessing the original site or the new site after changing the nameservers, please check here.  

As soon as you access the site after the relocation and check the operation, the relocation will be completed.


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