About domain information authentication

After acquiring a new domain or changing the registrant information, except for some domains, domain information authentication is required.

Domain information authentication is for confirming the accuracy of the contact information registered in WHOIS, and it is necessary to click the URL in the authentication email sent to the email address registered as the registrant information.

email information

Subject: 【mixhost】 Important: Confirmation of Accuracy of Domain Name Registration Information
Sender: verification-noreply@onamae.com
Destination: It will be sent to the e-mail address registered at the time of application.

*Subject (Japanese): 【重要】[mixhost] ドメイン 情報認証のお願い

follow the link in the email.

Suspended domain

If the expiration date has passed without performing the authentication procedure, the use of the domain will be suspended, which will affect the display of the site and the sending and receiving of e-mails.

*If you have acquired a domain other than mixhost, please contact the domain management company from which you acquired it.

About domain status

You can check the domain status by searching WHOIS.

If "Domain Status: clientHold" is displayed, use is restricted.

Did you not receive an email?

Please check the following possibilities.

  • Distribution to spam folders, etc.
  • Registration error of registrant information e-mail address

Resent email.

Please contact support with the relevant domain name and registered email address.

If you wish to change your email address.

Please refer to the help page below to change your email address.

How to update the WHOIS contact information

*If you are unable to change the information due to the error "Unable to save changes", please contact support with the information you wish to change.


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