mixhost supports the next-generation high-speed HTTP protocol "HTTP/2".
By supporting HTTP/2, it is possible to speed up the display speed and improve security.

Many browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge are compatible, and you can use HTTP/2 without being conscious of it.

How to use HTTP/2

In order to use HTTP/2, the website must be compatible with SSL.
Please refer to the following article on the support site, support SSL, and access the website with a URL that starts with "https://".

HTTP/2 is automatically enabled when you view an SSL-enabled website with a URL starting with "https://".

What is HTTP/2

``HTTP/2'' is a next-generation HTTP protocol that is faster and more secure than the conventionally used HTTP protocol ``HTTP/1.1''.

It is compatible with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo.com, etc., and is a standard that is likely to become mainstream in the future, as rental servers that support it are gradually being deployed overseas.
It is common to use this together with SSL encryption.

At mixhost, we have started offering HTTP/2 for the first time in Japan as a paid rental server.

In general, many people have the impression that when a website is encrypted with SSL, it slows down loading, but by supporting HTTP/2, it can be displayed very quickly while encrypted with SSL becomes possible.
In our experiments, compared to non-SSL websites that do not support HTTP/2, the display speed could be improved by up to several tens of times depending on the conditions.

You can use it without being conscious of the settings just by converting the website to SSL, so we recommend you use it.

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