What are MailChannels?

This is an external mail delivery and security service that we use.
With MailChannels, it is possible to prevent the unauthorized transmission of e-mails.

About the need for MailChannels

Since the mixhost server is a shared server where multiple customers use the same server, if it is registered in the blacklist as a spam mail-sending server, it will affect the mail sending and receiving of all customers who are using it.

We apply MailChannels to all customers in order to prevent spam emails from being sent regardless of the customer's negligence or malice, such as account hijacking, malware infection, program malfunction, etc.

How to change or disable MailChannels

Customers cannot disable MailChannels or change their settings.

Since mixhost dedicated cloud and mixhost VPS are customer-dedicated environments, MailChannels are not installed.

can't receive email

MailChannels are restricted to sending emails only.
We are not involved in receiving emails.

If you cannot receive the email, please refer to the following article.

What to do when email reception fails (troubleshooting)

can't send an email

Could you also refer to the following articles?

What to do when email transmission fails (troubleshooting)

If the e-mail cannot be sent, could you please check if you have received a return e-mail that describes the error details or the reason for the failure to send it?

[Example of a subject of return mail]
"Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender"

You can also check whether the email has been sent or received by checking "Delivery Tracking" in cPanel.


What to do if your email is marked as spam

I am sorry to trouble you, but could you refer to the following article?

What to do if your email is marked as spam

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