How to install WordPress with Softaculous

You can easily install WordPress on mixhost by using Softaculous.
Please note that the operation method differs depending on your use of a server.

Install WordPress

*If you are using the us1 server, please scroll down to [for us1 server].

STEP 1: Log in to cPanel.

log in to cPanel.

STEP 2: Set the domain.

How to add a new domain.

If you are using a standard free subdomain or have already set one, please proceed to the next step.
*If you use the default domain, you do not need to set the addon domain.

STEP 3: Click "WordPress" from SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER at the bottom of the cPanel menu.


*If you cannot find WordPress, please contact support.

STEP 4: Click "Install Now" displayed at the bottom of the WordPress screen.


STEP 5: Make settings according to the following on the setup screen.

Here are the minimum required settings.


In the software setup items, set the following.

  • Protocol selection
    Select a protocol. Please select a site starting with http:// or a site starting with https:// (SSL site).
    You can also set whether or not to include www.
  • Domain selection
    Select the domain where WordPress will be installed. If your domain is not on the list, please set up your own domain first.
  • Directory [Required]
    Select the directory where WordPress will be installed.
    For example, if you want to access with a URL like, set it to blank.
    If you want to access with a URL like, set wp.


In the site setting items, set the following.

  • Site name
    Set your WordPress site name. This setting can be changed later from the WordPress admin panel.
  • site description
    Set your WordPress tagline. This setting can be changed later from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU)
    Check this box if you want to use the multisite function. There is no need to check if you are not sure.


In the item of the administrator account, set the following.

  • Admin Username
    Enter your WordPress admin username. For security reasons, do not use common names such as admin.
  • Admin Password
    Enter your WordPress admin password. To ensure security, we recommend setting a complex password that includes letters, numbers, symbols, etc.
  • admin email
    Enter your WordPress admin email address. Various notifications related to WordPress will be sent to this email address.

STEP 6: After completing the above settings, click the "Install" button at the bottom of the screen.


STEP 7: Wait until the installation is complete.


STEP 8: Installation completed.


for us1 server

The us1 server is currently closed to new contracts.

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