Is your domain valid?

If you have not verified the domain information after acquiring the domain, the domain may become restricted.
When a domain is restricted, you cannot view websites or send/receive emails.

Please refer to the following page for domain information authentication.

About domain information authentication

Are there any mistakes in the nameserver settings?

If you purchased a domain other than mixhost, or if you use another company's external DNS, you will need to set the nameserver.

For information on setting nameservers, please refer to the following page.

How to check nameservers
How to change nameservers by the domain management company
Setting method when using an external name server (DNS server)

Did you get an error message when you sent the email?

The cause may be described in error messages such as return emails (emails with errors).

By contacting us with the content of the displayed error message, we can investigate.

Examples of common return emails (error messages)

Subject: "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender"
Error code in the email:

550 5.7.1 [CS] Message blocked. If this is a false positive, please report this to your hosting service provider.

Since the above error is a limitation of MailChannels, please refer to the following article "What to do if your email is judged as spam".

About MailChannels

How to check for errors in delivery tracking

By checking "Delivery Tracking" in cPanel, you can check whether the email was sent or received.


Are you able to send it via webmail?

If you can send emails with webmail but not with your email software, there is a high possibility that there is a problem with the settings of your email software.
Could you check the settings of your e-mail software by referring to the following page?

How to use webmail
How to set up email software

Check server fault information

If there is a problem with the server, you can check it from the following page.

mixhost Status

About support contents

We kindly ask for your understanding that we may not be able to provide guidance on how to use and set up email software such as Outlook and Thunderbird.
Please refer to our support policy for details on what is supported.

When inquiring about the fact that the email cannot be sent, could you please provide the following information?

  • Send address (From)
  • Receiving address (To, CC, BCC) (whether all emails or only specific emails can be sent)
  • Date and time when transmission became impossible (Date and time when the transmission was successful at the end)
  • If a return e-mail or error message is displayed, its contents
  • In the case of transmission by a program such as PHP, the installation location of the program and the name of the plug-in


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