How to display directly under the domain while installing in [domain]/wp/

* We are very sorry, but mixhost does not support the behavior of individual WordPress, so please understand in advance that we cannot answer errors associated with the execution of this article and detailed setting methods.

* If you want to install WordPress directly under the domain, please refer to the following and set it.
How to display WordPress directly under the domain
If you reinstall the software, it will return to the default state, so if you need to back up the contents, please do so after backing up the contents.

* The method shown on this page is an example, and it may not be possible to change it depending on the settings.
If you cannot change the settings, please refer to the external site below and change the settings.
[Site URL change | Japanese]

STEP 1: Change the site address (URL) from the WordPress management screen.

Select Settings > General, remove /wp from the site address (URL) (example:, and click the Save Changes button.
*Do not change the WordPress address (URL) and leave it as /wp.


STEP 2: Copy the index.php in the wp directory directly under the domain and edit it.

Click File Manager. (You can also use other FTP software)


Download the index.php file inside the wp directory.
*In the case of an original domain, please refer to the wp directory under the initial folder set for the domain.


Click Up one level and upload index.php.


Open the edit screen of the uploaded index.php.


Add /wp to the appropriate code. (/wp/wp-blog-header.php)
Click the Save Changes button, then click the Close button when they are reflected.


STEP 3: Display confirmation.

Please check the site by displaying the site from the WordPress management screen.


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