What to do if you get a 500 error or a blank page in WordPress

If you are unable to display your site due to a 500 error in WordPress, or if you are seeing a blank page, it could be for the following reasons:

  • You are using a theme or plugin that does not support the PHP version in use on your domain
    It has been confirmed that some legacy themes and plugins have problems with PHP versions 7.0 and later.
    In this case, the problem may be resolved by changing from PHP8 to 7.4 or from 7.x to 5.6.
    See here for how to change the PHP version.
  • Missing WordPress configuration files
    An error may occur if the WordPress configuration file is missing for some reason.
    Please check if all files are included.
    Checking the error log will help identify the cause.
    Please refer to here for how to check the error log.
  • WordPress has been tampered with
    Due to external attacks (unauthorized access or hijacking),
    Similar problems may occur if WordPress has been tampered with.
    It is extremely dangerous to use the information while it has been tampered with, so please take appropriate measures.

Regarding alterations in WordPress, we cannot provide detailed guidance as this is not covered by our support.

It is possible to exclude viruses to some extent by scanning by clicking "Details > Virus Scanner" in cPanel, but it is not possible to exclude all malicious programs. I think there is no choice but to check it visually.

Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could initialize the server and build the site again, or if it is difficult for you to deal with it yourself, please consider consulting with a specialized company such as the following.

◆ WordPress Doctor (links to an external site)

Please be aware that initializing the server will erase all data and cannot be restored. Regarding backup before initialization, there is a possibility that illegal files will be installed this time. Please ...

In addition, due to being tampered with once, the current URL continues to be judged as a fraudulent site, and even after initialization, there have been multiple cases in which an SSL certificate was not issued when applying free original SSL. We are waiting for you. Therefore, when initializing the server due to tampering, we will also inform you to change the initial domain.

After confirming and agreeing to the above, if you wish to initialize
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact our support with the following information.
We will arrange the initialization.

■ Hope to initialize the contract server

  • Contractor name (Registered company name):
  • Contract email address:
  • Current initial subdomain:
  • First choice subdomain after a change:
  • Second choice subdomain after a change:
  • Third choice subdomain after a change:
  • I agree to the initialization: Yes/No
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