How to install and apply an SSL certificate

At mixhost, you can use an SSL certificate that uses Sectigo (COMODO), the world's No. 1 share of SSL certificates, as a certificate authority for free.
By publishing a website that supports SSL, you can expect effects such as improved security and SEO measures.

When using SSL with your own domains

STEP 1: Log in cPanel.

Log in cPanel.

STEP 2: Setting up your own domain

After changing the nameserver, please wait 24-72 hours for the SSL certificate to be activated.
If you're in a hurry, try the following.

  1. Change the nameservers, then add your own domain.
  2. Manually install to SSL certificate.

STEP 3: Replace URL

Replace the URL as follows. >

If the SSL certificate is valid, you can see the following display.
*Depends on the browser




Please refer to the article below.
How to apply SSL for WordPress


  • Domain authentication type SSL.
  • An SSL certificate will not be issued for the domain before the nameserver change.
  • It may take longer than usual to issue an SSL certificate when a nameserver change is involved.
  • If you add a large number of domains in a short period of time, it may take 24-72 hours or more to reflect.
  • If the domain name exceeds 64 characters, the SSL certificate cannot be used.
  • If the subdomain that is automatically set when adding a domain exceeds 64 characters, please change the subdomain to a shorter one.
  • Please note that setting in the Japanese domain (Punycode) may exceed the number of characters.
  • Issuing an SSL certificate at the certificate authority may be delayed, and it may take time to issue.
    If a failure occurs, we will inform you in the failure information, so please check here as well.

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