mixhost is set to seeing your home directory files as of default.


If you want to hide it you can change the settings.

STEP 1: Log in cPanel

Log in cPanel.

STEP 2: Click "indexes"


STEP 3: Select the target directory.


STEP 4: Change settings.

Select "No Indexing" and Save.


*Options of each setting value

  • Inherit
    The directory inherits the parent directory’s index setting. If the parent directory does not possess index settings, the directory uses the system's default settings.

  • No Indexing
    The server does not list the contents of the directory. Browsers display a message that states that the contents are forbidden.

  • Show Filename Only
    The server lists the directory’s contents as filenames only.

  • Show Filename and Description
    The server lists file names and additional information, such as file size and file type.

STEP 5: Reflection confirmation.

Check your website to see if the settings are reflected correctly.


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