How to stop notifications for SSL certificate renewal

With the version upgrade of cPanel, some servers now notify the result of SSL certificate revocation, renewal failure, success, and new issuance success.

This page provides instructions on how to stop notifications.

STEP 1: Log in to cPanel and click your username on the top right of the screen (Image ①).

STEP 2: Click "Contact Information" (Image ②).


STEP 3: From the contact basic settings, change the items surrounded by a red frame and click "Save".

① Uncheck "SSL certificate expiry."

② Select from the following items in "AutoSSL Notifications"

  • AutoSSL failures and deferrals only. (default): Notify only of AutoSSL failures and deferrals. (Default).
  • AutoSSL failures only.: Notify only in case of AutoSSL failures.
  • Disable AutoSSL event notifications.: Stops AutoSSL notifications.


This is the end of how to stop notifications.

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