WordPress website move (Use Duplicator)

We will introduce how to transfer from the transfer source server to mixhost using the WordPress plugin "Duplicator".

*mixhost provides WordPress Import Software that does not use plug-ins.
See here for usage instructions.
*If you would like to use another plugin All-in-One WP Migration, please refer here.


  1. Duplicator (version 1.3.26 and earlier) has a vulnerability.
    Active Attack on Recently Patched Duplicator Plugin Vulnerability Affects Over 1 Million Sites
    For customers who have used Duplicator (1.3.26 or earlier), please be sure to check "Vulnerability of Duplicator (1.2.40 or earlier)".
  2. The content introduced here is a method corresponding to general WordPress migration. Some services and customized WordPress transfers may not be successful.
  • Server transfer involves transferring WordPress data and setting up your own domain.
  • If you use your own domain, please check in advance how to change the nameservers.
    How to change nameservers by a domain management company
    The change work will be done in the middle of the relocation, so please do not change it before the work.
  • Please apply to mixhost first.
  • Until the transfer is completed, please continue the contract of the transfer source server.
  • It may fail if there is insufficient free space on the source server. If it doesn't work, please ensure you have enough free space.


  1. Preparations on the source server
  2. Preparations on mixhost
  3. Access settings for your own domain
  4. Transferring data to mixhost
  5. Verification
  6. Changing nameservers and hosts file (only for those who changed hosts file)

Preparations on the source server

Before the transfer work, first export the data from the source server you are currently using and download it.

WordPress updates

Before starting work, we will update the WordPress currently being used on the source server to the latest version in order to prevent problems.
If you are already using the latest version, you can skip this step and there is no problem.

STEP 1: Click Dashboard > Update on the management screen.


STEP 2: I have a new version of WordPress. If you see, click Update Now.


Once the update is complete, proceed to the next step.

Install & Export WordPress Plugins

STEP 1: Log in to the WordPress management screen, move the cursor to Plugins on the left, and click Add New.


Enter Duplicator in the search box and search.


Find Duplicator in the search results and click Install Now.


STEP 2: Activate Duplicator.

Click the Activate button when it appears to activate it.


STEP 3: Move the cursor to Duplicator from the menu and click Package.


STEP 4: Create a package.

▼ Click New on the top right


▼Basically, there is no problem with the default settings, so click the next button.


▼The scan results will be displayed. If there are no problems, click Build.


▼The build starts. It will take some time, so please wait without closing the screen.

▼When the completion screen is displayed, download both Installer and Archive.If you click One-click download, you can download both in succession, but depending on the browser, a confirmation screen for multiple downloads may be displayed.


If the download is complete, the pre-transfer preparations on the transfer source server are complete.

Preparations on mixhost

After exporting and downloading on the transfer source server, mixhost will prepare in advance.

Setting up your own domain

Set your own domain that you want to transfer.

When transferring without changing the URL > Please set the domain currently in use on the transfer source server.
When using a new domain > Please set a new domain.

Click here to learn how to set up your own domain.

Access settings for your own domain

In order to proceed with the transfer work, it is necessary to enable access to the mixhost server with your own domain from your PC environment using one of the following methods.

  • How to change nameservers [for beginners]
    Change the name server set by the domain management company to that of mixhost. This method is less risky and easier but will result in a period of inaccessibility to your website.
  • How to use the hosts file [For advanced users]
    Edit the hosts file on your PC and temporarily set it so that you can access the new server from your PC using the domain name. Since it edits the settings of the customer's PC, there is a risk of incorrect settings, but it is possible to transfer the website without interruption.

Regarding the method of using the initial subdomain of mixhost, we do not recommend it because the plugin will change all the URL settings inside WordPress to the subdomain.

[Method 1] How to change nameservers [For beginners]

Please change the nameservers on the website of the domain management company you are currently using and wait for a few hours to 72 hours. (If you do not know how to change it, please contact the domain management company.)

Click here for how to check your nameservers.

It is common for the changes to be reflected in a few hours, so please check regularly.

If you see a screen that says Index of / when you access with your domain name, proceed to transfer data to mixhost.

[Method 2] How to use the hosts file [For advanced users]

Please refer to the setting procedure of the hosts file and set it.

After setting up, if you see a screen with "Index of /" when accessing with the domain name, proceed to transfer data to mixhost.

Transferring data to mixhost

Recommended security settings

In mixhost, the list of files in the directory is displayed as standard, but it may be a security risk when using the Duplicator, so we will disable the file list display.
Please check here for the setting method.

Uploading WordPress data

STEP 1: Use FTP software to connect to the mixhost server.

Please refer to here for how to set up the FTP software. FFFTP is used here as an example, but there is no problem if you use other FTP software.

STEP 2: Change the current directory to document root.

Double-click the document root of the original domain set on the server side and move to it.


STEP 3: Upload data.

After moving to the document root, upload the Installer (install.php) and Archive (zip file) that you downloaded earlier. The data upload is now complete.


Create a MySQL database

*The database name, database user name, and database password created in STEP 2 and STEP 3 will be required later.

STEP 1: Click Database > MySQL Database Wizard in cPanel.


STEP 2: Enter the name of the database to be created and click Next.


STEP 3: Create a database user.

Enter your username and password and click Create User. Please set a username and password of your choice.


STEP 4: Permission settings.

Set permissions for users. Check all permissions and click next step.


When the completion screen below is displayed, the creation of the MySQL database is complete.



STEP 1: Access http://original domain/installer.php or http://www.original domain/installer.php.

STEP 2: Start archive expansion.

The Duplicator Archive Extraction screen will be displayed.
Check I have read and accepted all terms & notices (required to continue) and click Next.


Please wait for a while as the archive will be expanded.


STEP 3: Database installation.

The installation screen will be displayed, so enter the Database (database name), User (database user name), and Password (password) set in the MySQL database creation in (1) of the image, and click (2) Test Database.

When “Success” is displayed on ③, click Next on ④.


A confirmation message will be displayed. Click OK.


STEP 4: Data replacement.

The setting screen for replacement contents is displayed. Click Next on the bottom right.


STEP 5: Completion processing.

After completing the data replacement, the following screen will be displayed.
Confirm that ① is checked, and log in to WordPress with the Admin Login button.


If you see a screen like the one below, it's done.
* If the automatic cleanup of the installer files could not be completed for some reason, please be sure to complete the process manually as this is a security risk.


Manual completion processing

Delete unnecessary files created during migration. Please be sure to delete it as it is a security risk.

STEP 1: Click Site Login on the previous completion screen.


*If the WordPress management screen is displayed, log in.

STEP 2: Click 2. Ramove Installation Files Now! displayed on the WordPress management screen.


If unnecessary files are successfully deleted, a completion screen will be displayed.

*If you did not perform Site Login in STEP 1, delete unnecessary files by following the steps below.

  1. Open the WordPress admin screen.
  2. Open Duplicator->Tools.
  3. Press "Cleanup" at the top of the screen and press "Remove Installation Files".


How to change nameservers [For beginners] For those who selected

Thank you for your hard work. The transfer work has been completed. Enjoy WordPress!

How to use the hosts file [For advanced users] For those who selected

STEP 1: Change the name server of the domain at the domain management company
Click here for how to check your nameservers.

Your nameservers will change every few hours to 72 hours. Please wait for a little while.

STEP 2: Restore the contents of the hosts file after 72 hours have passed since the nameserver was changed.

Please be sure to delete the description of the hosts file set by the customer.

This completes the transfer work.


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