About Ruby

Ruby was provided in the old plan, but is currently not supported.
We do not accept new applications or migrate to the old server where Ruby can be used.

About Python

Python is not supported, but it can be executed except for some servers.

If the server name starts with "jp", "Python 2.7.5" can be executed.
If the server name starts with "ty", "Python 2.7.18" and "Python 3.6.8" can be executed.

Commands can be used as long as the usage does not fall under the terms of use or prohibited matters.
For the Python path, please refer to the following article.

List of various paths

Python 2 will be retired in 2020, ending with Python 2.7.18. Please note that there is no support and no security patches will be released.

Since the mixhost server is a shared server where multiple customers use the same server, it is designed so that other customers cannot be affected.
Therefore, it is not possible to install Python packages using the pip command or to install packages that require server root privileges.

Regarding how to use Python-related commands and Python version upgrades, etc., they are not supported and will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
Please refer to our support policy for details on what is supported.

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