About the move of a server (migration)


Please check the precautions and contact our support if you wish to change the server.

In principle, there is no charge for migration work.

*We may ask you to confirm your reason for wanting to migrate.


Fees will be charged in the following cases.

  • When there is a change from the current service such as a plan upgrade
  • Customers with a contract for 3 months / 6 months plan
  • Customers who subscribed to the Business Plus Plan under the old plan
    In the above case, the next renewal request will also be the price of the new plan.
  • After changing to the new plan, you cannot apply to downgrade to the economy plan.

Please refrain from editing the website during migration.

  • If you edit during migration, it will be reflected on the old server side, so please edit after migration.
  • There will be a temporary site downtime during the migration.
    The downtime depends on your disk usage.

If you are using external nameservers, please note the following

If you are using a CDN such as Cloudflare or an external nameserver, the IP address of the server will change, so please change it back to mixhost's nameserver.

PHP version

There is a possibility that the PHP version selection setting will be reset once and PHP 8.0 will be selected.
If you want to use another version of PHP, you need to reset it by following the steps below.

[PHP version change]



In the new plans after jp17, the version selection function of Ruby & Python has been abolished, and the operation of Ruby & Python is not supported.

The executable file path is different between the server whose name starts with jp and the server whose name starts with ty.

About other programs

Since the versions of various programs are different after migration, the programs (CGI) installed by the customer may not work.

Excuse me, but would it be possible for you to modify the program yourself?

We regret to inform you that we do not support the content and usage of each software and program, the impact on the operation of the program due to the server version upgrade, and the response to defects.
We would appreciate it if you could refer to the support policy, which describes the content that is supported.

About the server IP address

When you switch to the new plan, the IP address of the server will change because the accommodation server will change. Please be careful if you are using an external DNS server.
*If you are using mixhost's nameserver, you will be automatically connected to the new IP address.

If you have set the host of jpXX.mixhost.jp by FTP, email, etc.

Since the accommodation server will be changed, you will need to change the settings of your FTP, email software, etc.

During server migration

Access to dynamic files is restricted to ensure data integrity. After the server migration is completed, you can use it in the same state as before.

About working hours

We will do our best to minimize the downtime of the site.

Even if it exceeds our business hours, in principle, we will continue to work until the migration work is completed without interrupting the migration work.
However, if a serious problem occurs during the migration on the server side, we may stop the migration and re-migrate at a later date. We appreciate your understanding as this is a necessary measure to prevent customer data loss.

About the implementation date

Regarding the date of implementation, we will adjust the schedule, so it will be adjusted after the request. Regarding the implementation time, there is a balance with other customers, so we cannot inform you in advance.
Please note that we do not accept migrations on weekends and holidays. Therefore, if Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are specified, we may ask you again for your desired date and time.


If you wish to change the accommodation server after acknowledging the above, please contact our support with the following information.


■Migration request form to the new plan

Initial contract domain: ●●●.com
Current contract plan: ●●● plan ●●● months
Desired contract plan: ●●● plan
Desired migration date:
*Please specify after 3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.
1st Preferred Date:
Second preferred date:
3rd Preferred Date:

At the end of the migration, we will send you a completion report email.



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