Domain renewal/cancellation


mixhost provides domain services as a resale partner of
Therefore, when you renew your domain, you will receive an email like the one below from


Subject: [GMO Internet] Notification 30 days before the domain registration deadline

Original Japanese:

件名 :[GMO Internet]ドメイン登録期限日30日前のご連絡

Even if you receive this email, there is no need to contact
Also, if the automatic update is "enabled" on mixhost My Page, there is no need for the customer to carry out the procedure for updating separately.

Please be assured that there will be no renewal fee if you use a permanent free domain.
*In the case of a permanent free domain, the button to switch between enabling/disabling automatic renewal will not be displayed.
Please be assured that the automatic update is enabled even if it is not displayed.

If you would like to check the renewal of a domain other than a permanent free domain, please follow the steps below from My Page.

How to check domain auto-renewal settings

STEP 1: Log in to My Page.

Please enter your email address and password to log in.

STEP 2: Click "Domain" in the service menu.


STEP 3: On the right side of the domain you want to check, click the "▼" to "Automatic renewal" on the right of the spanner mark.


STEP 4: Confirm the display of automatic update.


It will be automatically updated if it is displayed as "Valid" in green.
If it is displayed as "Disabled" and you wish to have automatic renewal, please click the "Enable" button to enable automatic renewal.

*please get in touch with support if there is no button even though it is not a permanent free domain, or if it does not switch even if you click it.

Domain cancellation

If you do not wish to renew your domain (if you wish to cancel),
By disabling automatic renewal, the domain will be abolished the day after the expiration date.
If you do not wish to renew, please be sure to perform the procedure to disable automatic renewal before the expiration date.

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