What to do if the WordPress page is not displayed

If the WordPress page is not displayed, the following may be the cause.

* Please check this page if you have forgotten your WordPress password and cannot log in.
* Please check this page if a 530 error occurs with FTP software.

displayed as the index of/ in the browser

The file to be displayed is not prepared on the server.
Please install WordPress or upload your site data with FTP or file manager.

Nothing is displayed in the browser, the page is blank

If you added or changed WordPress themes or plugins just before, it is highly likely that they are the cause, so please restore them from the management screen.
If you cannot access the management screen, please access it with FTP or file manager, rename the directory of the theme or plugin that seems to be the problem, and check the display of the site.

An error message is displayed in the browser

If the site is not displayed and an error is displayed,
Please refer to the page below and take appropriate action.

Your domain has not been verified by email

When you purchase a domain, you will need to verify your email.
It can be used for a certain period without authentication work, but the page cannot be displayed.
If you search for the target domain with WHOIS and it is "Domain Status: client hold", use is restricted. There is no problem if it is ok (active) or clientTransferProhibited.
If you are experiencing restrictions, please follow the link below to complete email verification for your domain.

About domain information authentication

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