What to do if you forgot your WordPress password

If you installed WordPress using Quick Install,
You can log in to the WordPress management screen from cPanel.

If you do not know how to get to the WordPress management screen or have forgotten your password, please try the following methods to log in.
For how to log in to cPanel, please check How to log in to cPanel.

For Softaculous Deployment Server

How to change from WordPress Manager by Softaculous (if you remember your username)

STEP1: Log in to cPanel and click WordPress Manager by Softaculous in the software column


STEP2: Click "Change Password" in the WordPress line you want to change


STEP3: Enter your username and new password and click Save

Enter your current username for Username and your new password for Password.


How to log in to the management screen from SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER

If you do not know your WordPress username, you can log in to the WordPress management screen using the following method to check your username and change your password.



STEP2: Click the icon in the administrator column


STEP3: After logging in to the WordPress management screen, select "Edit" in the target user column from the user tab


STEP4: Confirm that the registered e-mail address is correct and click "Generate password"


STEP5: Set the password to "Normal" or higher and click "Update Profile"


This completes the password change.

For WP Toolkit Deployment Server

STEP1: Log in to cPanel and click WP Toolkit


STEP2: Click "Setup" on the target site

If detailed information about the site such as the setup button is not visible, use the button to the left of the site URL to switch the display.


STEP3: Confirmation and change of login information

As shown below, confirm/change the necessary information.
Click the eye icon to switch the display of the password field.
The characters in the administrator column are the user name used for login.


STEP4: Click the Change or Cancel button

If you only want to confirm the information, please press the Cancel button.
If you change your password or email address, click the "Change" button to save it.

How to change password in phpMyAdmin

*There is a risk of data loss or corruption when using phpMyAdmin, so please do so at your own risk.

STEP1: Click the WordPress database name on the sidebar in phpMyAdmin and select a user


STEP2: Click the edit (pencil icon) on the displayed content


STEP3: In the user_pass item, select "MD5" from the function drop-down menu, overwrite the value with a new password (half-width alphanumeric characters only), and click Execute



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