WordPress website move (Use All-in-One WP Migration)

We will introduce how to migrate the server to mixhost using the WordPress plugin "All-in-One WP Migration".
* mixhost provides WordPress Import Software that does not use plug-ins.
See here for usage instructions.
* If you would like to use another plug-in "Duplicator", please refer to here.


The content introduced here is a method corresponding to general WordPress migration. Some services and customized WordPress transfers may not be successful.

  • Server transfer involves transferring WordPress data and setting up your own domain.
  • We will be using a WordPress plugin called All-in-One WP Migration for this task.
  • Please apply to mixhost first.
  • Until the transfer is completed, please continue the contract of the transfer source server.
  • It may fail if there is insufficient free space on the source server. If it doesn't work, please ensure you have enough free space.
  • Please do not change the nameservers of your own domain before the transfer work.
  • Please check in advance regarding the change procedure.
    [ For domains obtained from mixhost ]
    How to set nameservers for domains obtained with mixhost
    [For domains obtained from other companies]
    How to change nameservers by a domain management company
  • A transfer may fail if security or cache plug-ins are enabled. In that case, disable the relevant plugin and try again.


  1. Preparations on the source server
  2. Preparations on mixhost
  3. Access settings for your own domain
  4. Transferring data to mixhost
  5. Verification
  6. Changing nameservers and hosts file (only for those who changed hosts file)

Preparations on the source server

Before the transfer work, first export the data from the source server you are currently using and download it.

WordPress updates

Before starting work, we will update the WordPress currently being used on the source server to the latest version in order to prevent problems.
If you are already using the latest version, you can skip this step and there is no problem.

STEP 1: Click Dashboard > Update on the management screen.


STEP 2: I have a new version of WordPress. If you see, click Update Now.


Once the update is complete, proceed to the next step.

Install & Export WordPress Plugins

STEP 1: Log in to the WordPress management screen, move the cursor to Plugins on the left, and click Add New.


STEP 2: Enter All-in-One WP Migration in the search window on the upper right and search.


STEP 3: Click Install Now on the right side of All-in-One WP Migration.


STEP 4: After installation is complete, click Activate.


STEP 5: Open All-in-One WP Migration export from WordPress left menu and click "Advanced Options".


STEP 6: Check the items as necessary and click "Export destination".


STEP 7: When the menu expands, click File.


STEP 8: Check the export processing completion screen.

It may take several seconds to several tens of minutes depending on the site, but please wait without closing the screen.


When completed, the screen will change to the one below, and the amount of data will be displayed inside the green download button.
Please keep in mind that this file capacity is required for import work at the transfer destination.
Also, the downloaded wppress file will be used in a later step, so please save it in an easy-to-find location.


Export is now complete.

*Items excluded from the export target and images and css in locations other than the template will need to be transferred using FTP after the transfer is complete.
Media files uploaded from WordPress are usually saved in the "/wp-content/uploads" folder under the WordPress installation directory.

Preparations on mixhost

After exporting and downloading on the transfer source server, mixhost will prepare in advance.

Setting up your own domain

Set your own domain that you want to transfer.

When transferring without changing the URL > Please set the domain currently in use on the transfer source server.
When using a new domain > Please set a new domain.

Click here to learn how to set up your own domain.

Access settings for your own domain

In order to proceed with the transfer work, it is necessary to enable access to the mixhost server with your own domain from your PC environment using one of the following methods.

  • How to change nameservers [for beginners]
    Change the name server set by the domain management company to that of mixhost. This method is less risky and easier but will result in a period of inaccessibility to your website.
  • How to use the hosts file [For advanced users]
    Edit the hosts file on your PC and temporarily set it so that you can access the new server from your PC using the domain name. Since it edits the settings of the customer's PC, there is a risk of incorrect settings, but it is possible to transfer the website without interruption.

Regarding the method of using the initial subdomain of mixhost, we do not recommend it because the plugin will change all the URL settings inside WordPress to the subdomain.

[Method 1] How to change nameservers [For beginners]

Please change the nameservers on the website of the domain management company you are currently using and wait for a few hours to 72 hours. (If you do not know how to change it, please contact the domain management company.)

Click here for how to check your nameservers.

It is common for the changes to be reflected in a few hours, so please check regularly.

If you see a screen that says Index of / when you access with your domain name, proceed to transfer data to mixhost.

[Method 2] How to use the hosts file [For advanced users]

Please refer to the setting procedure of the hosts file and set it.

After setting up, if you see a screen with "Index of /" when accessing with the domain name, proceed to transfer data to mixhost.

Transferring data to mixhost

Install WordPress

Install WordPress on the new domain.
For how to install WordPress, please refer to How to Install WordPress with Softaculous.

Importing data on mixhost

Import data into WordPress installed on mixhost. The transfer will be completed soon.

STEP 1: Log in to the new WordPress management screen installed on mixhost.

Once your nameserver changes have taken effect, or your hosts file is set up properly, you can log into your new WordPress admin at http://domainname/wp-admin/.

STEP 2: Confirm that the logged-in WordPress is a new WordPress.

Please check the articles, etc., and confirm that only the articles in the initial state exist.
If WordPress on the source server is displayed, please check the nameserver settings or the hosts file settings again.

STEP 3: Install All-in-One WP Migration on the new WordPress destination.

The installation method is the same as the installation on the source WordPress.

  1. From the WordPress left menu, Plugins > Add New
  2. Search All-in-One WP Migration
  3. Install
  4. Activation

Proceed in the order of.

STEP 4: Click All-in-One WP Migration > Import on the left menu.


STEP 5: Confirm uploadable size.

You can check the file size that can be uploaded at the position of the red circle in the image below.
If the size displayed when you downloaded it on the server before a transfer is smaller than this, proceed to STEP6.


If the size that can be uploaded is not enough, refer to here and change the upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to the required size.
After that, go back to STEP4 and confirm that the uploadable size has been changed, then proceed to STEP6.


STEP 6: Click the green "Import source".


STEP 7: When the menu expands, click "File".


STEP 8: Select the worldppress file downloaded after exporting on the old server and click "Open".


STEP 9: Confirm the message.

The screen below is displayed for several seconds to several tens of seconds. Please wait without closing.


After that, you will see a message and a confirmation button.
If there is no problem, press the start button.


STEP 10: Start importing.

The screen below is displayed for several seconds to several tens of seconds. Please wait without closing.


The screen below will appear. Click Save permalink structure.


* If you clicked Done by mistake, open Settings > Permalinks from the left side menu of WordPress.

STEP 11: Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the permalink setting screen.

* The login screen may be displayed before the permalink setting screen is displayed. In that case, please log in to proceed.


STEP 12: Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen again.

STEP 13: Access with http://domain name/ and confirm that WordPress has been transferred correctly.

If the page can be displayed, the import is complete.

* Please copy the data that cannot be transferred by All-in-One WP Migration (or excluded from the transfer target) from the transfer source to the transfer destination by FTP.


How to change nameservers [For beginners] For those who selected

Thank you for your hard work. The transfer work has been completed. Enjoy WordPress!

How to use the hosts file [For advanced users] For those who selected

STEP 1: Change the name server of the domain at the domain management company
Click here for how to check your nameservers.

Your nameservers will change every few hours to 72 hours. Please wait for a little while.

STEP 2: Restore the contents of the hosts file after 72 hours have passed since the nameserver was changed.

Please be sure to delete the description of the hosts file set by the customer.

This completes the transfer work.


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