WordPress website move (Not used of a plug-in)


It explains the procedure to move WordPress from another server to mixhost.
By following the procedure and transferring while continuing the contract with the other server, it is possible to transfer without stopping WordPress operated on its domain.
There is no downtime due to the correct procedure.

In addition, we recommend the following two methods because the transfer method using the plug-in causes less trouble and enables stable transfer work.

mixhost also provides WordPress Import Software (a simple moving function) that does not use plugins.


The content introduced here is a method corresponding to general WordPress migration. Some services and customized WordPress transfers may not be successful.

  • Server transfer involves transferring WordPress data and setting up your own domain.
  • Please check in advance how to change the nameserver with the service that has acquired its own domain.
    How to change nameservers by the management company
  • If you have not yet applied for mixhost, please apply first.
  • Please continue the contract of other servers until the transfer is completed.
  • Please do not change the nameservers of your own domain before the transfer work.

Pre-relocation preparations on other servers

Before the transfer work, first, download the data from the other server you are currently using.

Download WordPress data from a source server

STEP 1: Log in to the transfer source server and move to the folder where WordPress is installed.

As an example, FFFTP is used to download data from another server, but there is no problem if you use other FTP software.


STEP 2: Select all files and download them locally.


STEP 3: Confirm that the download is complete.


Download MySQL for WordPress from the source server

Downloading MySQL databases is commonly done using phpMyAdmin.
Here, we will guide you through the operations of two versions of phpMyAdmin that are commonly used in rental servers in Japan.
If you have any questions about downloading the MySQL database from the transfer source server, please contact the rental server company you are currently using.

phpMyAdmin 4.x.x.x

STEP 1: Log in to phpMyAdmin from the control panel of another server.


STEP 2: Click the database used by WordPress to be transferred from the menu.


STEP 3: Click Export from the menu.


STEP 4: Click Run.

Please wait until the download of the SQL file is completed.


phpMyAdmin 2.x.x.x

STEP 1: Log in to phpMyAdmin from the control panel of another server.


STEP 2: Click the database used by WordPress to be transferred from the left menu.


STEP 3: Click Export from the top menu.


STEP 4: Click Select All, check Save to File, and click Execute.

Please wait until the download of the SQL file is completed.


Move data to mixhost

For domain settings

please refer to the article below.
How to add a new domain.

Create a MySQL database

STEP 1: Click Database > MySQL Database Wizard.


STEP 2: Enter the name of the database to be created and click "Next Step".


STEP 3: Create a database user.

Enter your username and password and click Create User.


*The database name, user name, and password created in STEP 2 and STEP 3 are required for the following work. Keep it temporarily.

STEP 4: Set the authority to give to the user.

Check all permissions and click next step.


When the completion screen is displayed, the creation of the MySQL database is complete.


Uploading WordPress website data

STEP 1: Use FTP software to connect to the mixhost server.

Please refer to the following article for the setting method of FTP software.

How to setting FTP client software.

FFFTP is used here as an example, but there is no problem if you use other FTP software.

STEP 2: Double-click the document root of the set original domain to move.


STEP 3: Transfer all WordPress data downloaded from the source server.

You can safely delete the cgi-bin folder.


STEP 4: Confirm that the transfer is completed.

If there are any files that have not been uploaded, please upload them again.


Use a subdomain to make sure your relocated WordPress is working properly.
With mixhost, it is possible to check the operation even before changing the nameserver by using the subdomain set when creating the addon domain.

The URL of the subdomain at the time of operation confirmation is as follows.

http://[sub domain].[initial domain]/

For example, if the subdomain is "example" and the initial domain is "test.mixh.jp", it will be as follows.


*Depending on the theme or plug-in, you may not be able to check the operation check URL. Also, you cannot log in to the management screen. If you want to be sure, please set the hosts file and check the operation.

After confirming the operation, please change the setting of the name server.

Change nameserver settings

Change the DNS (name server) settings for the added domain.

Click here for how to check your nameservers.
Please change the name server of the domain at the domain management company.

After changing the settings, it will automatically refer to mixhost in a few hours to 72 hours.
During this period, please make a contract for the contract period of other servers and mixhost overlapping.

This completes the transfer work.

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