Email forwarding settings


You can forward emails sent to a specific email address to another email address.
If you want to store your emails on mixhost's mail server and forward a copy of them, please create an email address in advance.

Email address forwarding settings

STEP 1: Log in to cPanel.

Log in to cPanel.

STEP 2: Click Email > Forwarder.

Configure transfer settings.


STEP 3: Click Add Forwarder.


STEP 4: Set various items.

Enter the email address, domain, and destination email address you want to forward and click Add Forwarder.


  • Address > Forwarding address
    Enter the email address you want to forward. For example, enter info if you want to forward emails sent to
  • Address > Domain
    Select the domain of the email address you want to forward. For example, if you want to forward emails sent to, select
  • Save to > forward to the email address
    If you want to forward to another email address, enter the forwarding email address.
    (If you want to forward to multiple email addresses, please enter the addresses separated by commas.
    However, if you enter a character other than a string at the end, you will receive an error saying "This is not a valid e-mail address" and you will not be able to add it, so please do not put a comma at the end. )


STEP 5: Setting completed.

When the completion message is displayed, the setting work is completed.


If the transfer doesn't work

See also the article below.

What to do when email forwarding fails (troubleshooting)

About setting to delete forwarded mail

I'm very sorry, but it is not possible to set the setting to automatically delete the email from the server after forwarding it from cPanel.

Please note that there is no function to delete emails that have passed a certain period of time since they were received.

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