How to display WordPress directly under the domain

When displaying WordPress directly under the domain, it is easiest to install it directly under the domain.

*Click here if you want to display it directly under the domain while installing it in a subdirectory.

If you haven't installed WordPress yet

Install WordPress with Easy App Install.

If you are using a jp4 or later server [Click here for new applicants]

If you refer to "How to install WordPress with Softaculous" and are using a server of jp4 or later, please set the directory to blank when performing STEP 5 of [For new applicants].

If you are using the jp1/jp2/jp3/us1 server

Please refer to "How to install WordPress with Softaculous" and set the location > directory to blank when performing STEP5 when using the jp1/jp2/jp3/us1 server.

If already installed in /wp

If you wanted to display directly under the domain, but set the installation destination to /wp, please follow the steps below to uninstall WordPress and then reinstall it.

How to reinstall WordPress

STEP 1: Log in to cPanel.

STEP 2: Click WordPress from SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER at the bottom.


STEP 3: The installed URL will be displayed in the current installation part, so click the trash icon displayed in the option of the URL you want to delete and click "Delete Installation".


A confirmation pop-up will appear, click OK


If the deletion is successful, the following screen will be displayed. Click Return to Summary.


STEP 4: When the deletion is complete, press the "Install Now" button to install WordPress.


At that time, if there is a character in the directory, delete it and leave it blank and proceed with the installation.


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