If you forget to use the Import Software when applying for a new account


In the initial state, "Do not use" is selected for Import Software (Wordpress Quick Start) when applying for a server. If you forgot to apply the Import Software, there are two methods below.


Install by yourself

Please refer to the article below to install WordPress.

How to install WordPress with Softaculous

Request to install WordPress by support

Please contact us with the following necessary information, and we will support you to install it.

  • Your domain:
  • website title:
  • Desired Username:
  • login password:
  • email address:

*User name and password can only be set with half-width alphanumeric characters and symbols.
*You can use alphanumeric symbols, white space characters, the @ sign, dot, dash, and underscore symbols in the WordPress administrator username.
*Please change the password by yourself after installation is complete.

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