Attention on automatic backups


mixhost automatically backs up your data to an external backup server once a day. Backups are retained for the past 14 days and can be restored by specifying any date. Files and databases can be restored. Files can be restored in units of folders and files, and databases can be restored in units of databases.

JetBackup5 can be used to restore everything more easily, and you can also restore information such as DNS settings, FTP accounts, and mail accounts.

*Backups are not guaranteed to be created every day. If you absolutely need to create a backup, please create a backup yourself.

*Attention on backup

  • Backup data is stored on an external backup server. Please note that if the amount of data is large, it may take several hours to restore.
  • You can specify the date to restore, but please note that you cannot specify the time.
  • When restoring a database, the existing database is deleted and then replaced with the database restored from backup.
    As a precaution, we recommend that you make a backup of your current database using phpMyAdmin or similar before restoring the database.

*Files and directories excluded from automatic backup

  • Backups of the following files or directories are not created, so please create your own backups.


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