How to restore database with JetBackup5


First, read the attention page before starting the restore.

Database restore procedure

Here are the steps to restore the database.
For other restores, please refer to the corresponding article.

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STEP 1: Log in to cPanel.

Click here to learn how to log in to cPanel.  

STEP 2: Open JetBackup5.


STEP 3: Open Database.


STEP 4: Select date and database.

Click Choose Other Backup for the database you want to restore and select a date.


After selecting the date, press the "Restore" button at the bottom of the screen.


STEP 5: Confirm restore.

A confirmation screen for the contents to be restored will be displayed, so press the "Restore Selected Items" button at the bottom right.


STEP 6: Check the progress of the restoration work.

The screen automatically transitions to "Queue". You can check the progress of the restoration in "Status".

It may take a very long time depending on the amount of space to restore, but the restore will continue automatically even if you close the screen.


STEP 7: Complete restoration.

When "Status" is displayed as "Completed", restoration is complete.


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