About VPS regions and IP addresses

Frequently Asked Questions About Regions

Q1: What is a region?

A1: It is a setting related to the location of the data center where the server is installed. Also known as Server Location.

Q2: Which regions can be selected?

A2: Please refer to the mixhost VPS specification page.

Q3: Can I change the region at any time after signing the contract?

A3: You cannot change the region after signing the contract.

Frequently asked questions about IP addresses

Q1: Is it possible to change the IP address?

A1: IP address cannot be changed.

Q2: Is the IP address fixed?

A2: A unique IP address is assigned to each customer and does not change automatically.

Q3: Which country is the IP address from?

A3: The IP address of the country of the region selected at the time of the contract will be assigned.

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