About the phenomenon that the error message "No child processes" is displayed and the command cannot be executed


This is the information when the following error message is displayed when trying to execute a command after connecting to cPanel Terminal or SSH connection and the command cannot be executed.

*We kindly ask for your understanding that questions regarding detailed usage of Terminal, Linux commands, and programs are not supported. We would appreciate it if you could refer to the support policy, which describes the contents of the support.

Example error message display:

bash: fork: retry: No child processes


about the cause

This is because the program cannot be executed because the maximum number of processes or threads that can be started has been reached.

common root causes

  • A large number of processes are running due to a problem with the installed program or a cron setting error
  • A large number of processes are running due to an abnormality in the WordPress program "wp-cron.php"
  • There is a large amount of access to the website, exceeding the processing limit (including cases such as being subjected to a DDoS attack)
  • A large number of SSH connections remain unclosed


Wait for running programs to finish

If you are aware of a large amount of access and think it is temporary, could you please try to execute the command again after the number of accesses has settled down?

Terminate unnecessary processes (execute kill command)

If you have multiple SSH connections, could you please check if the command can be executed after disconnecting unnecessary connections and leaving only one SSH connection?

After that, could you try using the kill command to terminate unnecessary processes?
It is up to the customer to decide which programs need to be terminated.

Ask us to terminate all processes

Could you please use our inquiry form to let us know that '"No child processes" has occurred and the command cannot be executed, so we would like you to terminate all processes.'

We will complete the process on your behalf.

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