You need to log in to your mixhost Help & Support account to post and comment on community features.
Please refer to How to use your mixhost Help & Support account for instructions on how to log in to mixhost Help & Support.

How to contribute to the community

STEP1: Go to the community page

Click on Communities from the mixhost Help & Support top page.


STEP2: Go to the submission page

Click on New Submission.


STEP3: Submission

You can post to the community by entering a title, topic, and details and clicking submit.
Please do not include personal information such as email address, initial domain, billing number, credit card information, etc.
Your mixhost Help & Support account name will be displayed as the name of the poster.

*If you wish to change your mixhost Help & Support account name, please see how to edit your profile in the mixhost Help & Support Account Instructions.


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