About how to respond to "A serious error has occurred." in WordPress

Error message display example


A serious error has occurred on this site. Check your site administrator's email inbox for action steps.

How to check errors

There are many reasons for a "fatal error". First, check to see if you've received an email with an error message.

email example

Subject: [website name] site is experiencing technical difficulties
From Name: WordPress
From address: wordpress@[website domain]
Example email body:


From WordPress 5.2, a function has been added to detect when a plugin or theme causes a fatal error on your site and notify you with this automatic email.

In this case, WordPress caught the error in plugin [name of plugin].

First, open your site (https://example.com/) and check for visible problems. Next, open the page where the error occurred (https://example.com/wp-admin/) and check for the same problem.

* The contents of this document may differ depending on the version and settings of WordPress, the plug-in you are using, and the content of the error.

If you do not receive the e-mail or do not know the "site administrator's e-mail inbox"

You can check the setting of the site administrator's email address by the following method.

STEP 1: Log in to WordPress.

Log in to WordPress and open the admin panel.

STEP 2: Open General Settings.

From the menu on the left side of the administration screen, select "Settings" and open "General".

STEP 3: Confirm your email address settings.

Find the item labeled Admin Email Address and verify your email address.
There is a high possibility that an email describing the error has been sent to the email address listed here.


When an email address that is not currently in use has been set

If an e-mail address that is not currently in use has been set, it is possible that the e-mail was received by the system's default e-mail address due to the catch-all function.

Please refer to the following article "How to check emails received with the catch-all function" and check if you have received an email describing a WordPress error.

How to enable/disable the catch-all function

How to fix the error

Since the response method differs depending on the content of the error, it is necessary to refer to the response procedure described in the email.

Common fixes

Check the content of the error and take appropriate corrective action.

If you need to change the PHP version

PHP version change

Recovery from automatic backup

How to restore files from Auto backup
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